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Larissa Dundon &co. are public relations and digital marketing experts with experience working with brands of all sizes. 



Larissa Dundon &co. are public relations and digital marketing experts with experience working with brands of all sizes. 

PR case studies

Larissa Dundon &co. have spearheaded a number of public relations initiatives that have landed international coverage in some of the world's most prestigious and widely read publications 

Science World | Larissa Dundon &co. | Public Relations

science world


Science World engaged Larissa Dundon &co. to help tell its message externally around upcoming events, initiatives and strategies on an ongoing basis. 

Media Hits

Breakfast Television | Why Most Students Entering Elementary School Today Will Work In Jobs That Do Not Yet Exist

Daily Hive | TechPong Science World ping pong tournament aims for a good cause

Miss604 | Free Day at Science World for the Around the Dome Science Festival

Christmas Karaoke Lights

Vancouver Trolley | WESTCOAST Sightseeing


Westcoast Sightseeing and Vancouver Trolley Company wanted to raise awareness about its three tours launching for the holiday season. They hired Larissa Dundon &co. to create the public relations strategy to maximize PR coverage. 

The Plan

Larissa Dundon &co. developed a number of pitch angles and ideas centered around the holiday season and invited media and influencers to try a tour of their choice. 

The Results

the online moment of silence


Camp Pacific hired Larissa Dundon &co. to help raise awareness around its Remembrance Day campaign called The Online Moment of Silence. Given the online nature of the activation, Larissa Dundon &co. sent the press release out to news outlets in major Canadian cities, including trade publications, in order to ensure maximum coverage and awareness in a short time frame. Larissa Dundon &co. also personally pitched the story to media contacts in major Canadian cities.

Media Hits

CP24 in Toronto

CTV Vancouver Evening News | Campaign encourages "Online Moment of Silence"

Techvibes | Canadian Campaign to Take a Moment of Silence on Social Sites

The Drum | Vancouver shop Camp Pacific pays homage to fallen soldiers in ‘Online Moment of Silence’

News660 | #ShareYourSilence campaign forces social media to reflect on Remembrance Day

The Results

  • The press release ran on over 125 sites and the pitched story was picked up by multiple news outlets
  • Broadcast interviews were secured on major networks in Vancouver, Calgary & Toronto
  • Nearly 200,000,000 potential views
  • Increased uptake and participation on November 11th as a result of the media push 

Vancouver Courier | Larissa Dundon &co. | Public Relations



Westcoast Sightseeing wanted to raise awareness about the iconic Haunted Trolley Tour to line up with their social media campaign. They hired Larissa Dundon &co. to create the public relations strategy. 

The Plan

Larissa Dundon &co. developed a number of pitch angles and ideas centered around the Halloween season and invited media and influencers to try the haunted trolley tour. 

The Results

"Larissa is hardworking and was extremely effective generating wide spread PR for our initiative. I would highly recommend her for projects of all scopes and sizes." - Blaise Sack, Owner of Moves Media

"Larissa is hardworking and was extremely effective generating wide spread PR for our initiative. I would highly recommend her for projects of all scopes and sizes."

- Blaise Sack, Owner of Moves Media



The team at Moves Media launched the first ever virtual reality haunted experience in Vancouver over Halloween 2017. Through media and influencer promotion they wanted to raise awareness about their company while driving sales and traffic to the experience. 

The Plan

Larissa Dundon &co. invited media to try the experience at their office or at the Irish Whiskey House on a night of their choosing. Through this outreach, we were able to secure editorial, video and broadcast coverage. 

The Results

OH! | Larissa Dundon &co. | Public Relations

OH! | tangible interaction


With the launch of OH!, a public art work at Science World, the Tangible Interaction team wanted to increase brand awareness among consumers and drive traffic to the installation at False Creek.

The Plan

With these goals in mind, Larissa Dundon &co. tailored a media plan for outreach to maximize coverage in the local market.  

The Results


lush fresh handmade cosmetics

At Lush Cosmetics, Larissa oversaw a team of eight marketing and communications professionals handling public relations (both brand and consumer focused), social media and retail marketing for the North American branch of the company. Larissa led the brand and product communications strategy working closely with the C-suite and global PR and marketing teams.

Major successes included a video feature on Beauty Insider with over 13M views, the Lush App featured on Mashable and many more. 


Scents and supply - Globe & Mail, Thursday March 23rd

Lush Cosmetics brushes off downsizing trend with major bricks-and-mortar expansion plan - Financial Post, January 18, 2017

Lush Cosmetics shutting down Robson Street location to undergo expansion and renovation - Georgia Straight, January 11th, 2017

Cruelty-free beauty and beyond: Lush talks and walks, corporate ethics policy - Vancouver Sun, October 28, 2016 

Meet the young scientists working to get rid of animal testing around the world - National Observer, November 2nd, 2016

inside the world's biggest lush shop - ELLE Magazine (US), March 24th, 2017


Larissa drove the new market strategy, opening an average of 25 shops per year. Promotion included events, social media, media stunts, PR outreach, digital marketing initiatives and more. 


Larissa led the development of the PR strategy to support business objectives and hired Talk Shop Media to help with the launch. 

When bazinga! landed a partnership with Tridel, Canada's largest developer of high rise condominiums, we saw the opportunity to tell a compelling success story of this partnership. 

A press release was put on the wire across Canada and picked up by hundreds of outlets including Bloomberg Business Week, Canadian Business, Vancouver Sun and more. 

Out with the cold city, in with the new neighbours - The Vancouver Sun

In order to revive the bazinga! name in the Vancouver market we focused on Vancouver Sun reporter Gillian Shaw for this exclusive story.  The story resulted in a 300% increase of traffic to bazinga's website and increased sales and new prospects.  

Other notable Press:

ritz-carlton residences, waikiki beach

Leading up to the launch of The Residences, Larissa was responsible for driving the social media and influencer strategy in the Waikiki market. Larissa developed invited industry influencers to come meet with me and tour the sales centre while experiening the luxuries of this new condominium development. 

The event was written up in a multiple publications, including this feature in the Honolulu Magazine.  




World Housing

Larissa spearheaded the marketing launch of World Housing, the world's first one-for-one gifting model. With the sale of a condo in a World Housing project, $3000 is paid to an NGO partner to build a home for a family living in Cambodia or Philippines. 

Part of the launch of World Housing was a PR campaign to announce this innovative concept to the industry.  

Larissa helped organized a press conference at the Pac Rim hotel where over 20 media attended to hear founders Sid & Pete talk about the launch of World Housing. The press conference was broadcast digitally for media and friends to follow. 

Following the press conference, major publications ran feature articles including:

The New Yorker, NY Daily News, Vancouver Sun, Huffington Post, Yahoo! Finance, Curbed, and more.

Media coverage through the following weeks included Fast Company, CTV, and Mother Nature Network. Within six weeks of launching the program, World Housing was featured in nearly 70 unique publications worldwide. 

the anthology

Larissa's sister, Kelsey Dundon, runs a successful blog (theanthology.ca) and as a result has become a media spokesperson on CTV and Global BC. Larissa helped her with her monthly segments on Global BC for #WardrobeRescue and lifestyle appearances on CTV. 



While working at Key Marketing, Larissa was responsible for setting the PR strategy for clients. 

As a publicity stunt for one client, she chartered a helicopter to tour Realtors over White Rock. Media were brought up in the helicopter, resulting in TV and newspaper coverage that evening and the next day.

While working on The Cottages at Osoyoos Lake, Larissa developed a budget-friendly way to reach potential customers all over BC and Alberta. Through the creation of two stunts including a portable sales centre using an Airstream and large, oversized adirondack chairs installed along the highway up to the project, we were able to garner many website registrations and interest in the project. 


Social Media

Larissa Dundon &co. have worked with large and small companies to help elevate their brand on social media by creating innovative and thought-provoking campaigns. Larissa runs a personal healthfoodstagram

Social Media

Larissa Dundon &co. have worked with large and small companies to help elevate their brand on social media by creating innovative and thought-provoking campaigns. Larissa runs a personal healthfoodstagram

Larissa Dundon &co. launched and manages Diet for the MIND's social media channels. The content strategy is a combination of original photography, details about the team and science behind the book, original recipes and health tips and tricks.  

About the book:

Several factors play into whether you will suffer from cognitive decline and develop Alzheimer's disease -- lifestyle, health conditions, environment, and genetics, for example. But now there is scientific evidence indicating that diet plays a bigger role in brain health than we ever thought before. In Diet for the MIND, one of the leaders in this research provides an easy, non-invasive, and effective way to prevent cognitive decline and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease through diet and lifestyle.

The book was launched on December 26th with press and social media outreach. 

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Diet for the MIND

FROGBOX | Larissa Dundon &co. | Social Media


Larissa Dundon &co. manages Frogbox's social media presence. Larissa and her team have consistently grown Frogbox's social channels through a combination of original photography, user generated content, tips and tricks, shared videos, paid advertising, customer care and regular posting.

Lush fresh handmade cosmetics

Larissa oversaw the North American External Communications team for Lush Cosmetics, managing media, influencer and social media channels.

When Larissa started, the Instagram account had roughly 1.3M followers. Larissa created a strategic social media plan ultimately increasing the following to 3.7M fans. The plan included a mix of lifestyle, product, behind the scenes, sneak peeks, monthly campaigns, influencer outreach, video posts and more. By testing and tweaking campaigns and frequency of posts, we were able to maximize our reach and channel growth.

World Housing

Many people aren't aware of the dire living situation that families in Cambodia and Philippines experience. Leveraging photography from a shoot Larissa worked on, we incorporated shocking and thought-provoking headlines to help drive awareness. This resulted in increased Facebook likes and shares to our page. 



The Ritz-Carlton Residences, waikiki beach

The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Waikiki Beach is ripe with luxury amenities. Using photography from a photo shoot, Larissa led a campaign that encouraged potential customers to imagine themselves living there. This resulted in a 40% increase in registrations to the website and increased traffic to the sales centre. 

Larissa also led a campaign driving people to watch the live sales event online. This resulted in over 1,000 people watching the event all over the world. 


Inspired by Humans of New York, Larissa worked with bazinga's enthusiast customer base to help tell the company's story in a visual way. She shortlisted customers and asked them how bazinga! had helped improve their community. This resulted in a stunning video and social media campaign. Larissa leveraged this content across all channels, including email marketing, leading to greater engagement and sign ups in each community.  



Healthfoodsnob is a passion project of Larissa's. She creates healthy meals, photographs them and shares them with her followers. To date she has received nearly 1000 likes on Instagram by engaging with like-minded accounts, sharing original photography and strategically using hashtags. She has also launched a website and become the go-to health expert amongst her friends and family.




Camp Pacific
Larissa Dundon &co. | Public Relations