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PR and Influencer outreach

Getting in front of the right media and influencers is key to amplifying your message. We create an effective media strategy, crafts pitches, writes press releases, and defines key messages to get your story in front of the right media and influencers. We also offer media training, press material creation, and partnership strategies.  

Marketing And Messaging strategy

Are you speaking your customers' language? Are you where they are? 

We help you hone in on your audience, figure out where they are spending their time, and create a messaging strategy to get in front of them, encouraging them to take action. 

Social media strategy and content creation

Taking the messaging strategy into consideration, we craft social media outreach and content strategies. This includes creating a social media content calendar, directing photo and/or video shoots, and writing copy and any other content needed to bring your brand to life on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and your website.

community engagement

Social media is a two-way street and one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers and community. We work with you to create the best plans to nurture your social community by syncing the messaging and activity with the rest of your PR and marketing plans.

media buys


The best plan is a well-rounded one. We provide paid advertising strategy and implementation including: SEO, SEM, and Facebook and Instagram ad buys to deliver the most impact for your brand. 

analytics and reporting

It's important to review what's working in your PR and Marketing plans. Monthly reporting allow us to determine what's worked best from the previous month and suggest areas of improvement for the following month.